Someday - Sugar Ray (1999)

Welcome to my music page!

Here I'll post what I'm listening to, what I like, etc. I kinda just want to keep a fun log that I can look back on and listen to.

Favorite Artists (July 2020)

  • Mazzy Star
  • Lovage
  • The Cranberries
  • TLC
  • Belly
  • Temple of the Dog

Current Earworms:

Russian post-punk

Even tho I'm Russian I fucking HATE Russian music most of the time. But this kind of music gives me hope that maybe not all is lost to the droning and whining bass of european guys with grills and face tattoos...

Grunge forever!

As somebody who's roots in the PNW run deep, I grew up on grunge music and the Seattle sound. To finally be able to live in the city where it all happened- I'm stoked. Anyways, listen to Alice in Chains, Hammerbox, and Soundgarden if you haven't already. Somse pretty dope stuff.