WAVS - Funky Sounds

I am very ugly - Mr. Wo hen nankan (I am very ugly)'s homepage

Gossamer - Guilty pleasure, the X files fanfic archive with all kinds of old school writings :-P

Angel's kitchen - A cool collection of recipes. Mind the 80s midi that downloads once the page loads :P

The Only Standup Comedian That's Ever Made Me Cry - (with laughter)

Heart Maker - Make a candy heart w/ a custom message. The best way to send passive agressive messages to ppl you don't really like lol

Ted's Caving Page - thanks Arkmsworld for linking this! Would've totally forgotten this existed. Give it a read if you have the time.

The X Files official website - I love the x files SO MUCH this site is rly cool

Les passions de Matilda - si tu aimes l'internet des années 2000, et parles français, visiter ce blog!

The sound of memory - I miss going to Russia in the summertime, and taking the train to the black sea, and being with people I love and all of them being perfectly idealized. This reminds me of those times.

The sound of happiness - Reminds me of being lost, but also of realizing you are exactly where you want to be.

Relics of the old web, part 2 - But where does he go?

Relics of the old web, part 1 - Did anybody else watch rathergood? I was technically too young for it, but I remember booting up the computer at age 6 in secret to traumatize myself watching abstract little gorey cartoons.

The Best Xena fanpage? - Not to be a nerd on main, but this is a really good website. Check it out if you're into Xena (which if you aren't, you should be).

A funky beet - *The link is to a spotify playlist* Completely not what I usually listen to, but since last year I've slowly been getting into trip hop. There's something about the repetitive use of saxophones, sampled hip hop beats, and old radio transmissions that puts me in a mood. A good mood, I should add.

My Favorite Video on the Internet! - Surprise at 2:34 :-)

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