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About Me:

Hello! I'm an 18-year-old girl from Vancouver, WA. I'm a sophomore at the University of Washington in Seattle, planning to study informatics.

In my free time I like to paint, thrift for old goodies, and sew. My favorite music genres are definitely punk, shoegaze, but I do enjoy RnB, Trip Hop and Electronic music quite a bit. Some of my favorite artists are: Mazzy Star, my bloody valentine, Joy Division, the Smiths, the Cure, Sonic Youth, Suicide, The Breeders, Portishead and Lovage.

I dream of moving to San Francisco (yeah, yeah, cost of living yadda yadda I KNOW) and living in a victorian house, like the one in Charmed. At the same time- I'd like to live in the countryside, away from people and closer to nature. I don't know though- I teeter between wanting to surround myself with a lot of interesting people and also remaining transient in all my encounters...

Web Design + Graphics


Button Maker - A pretty cool button maker, great for making 88x31 web buttons

LuxuryB's background archive - Retro angelfire backgrounds for websites

Photo-kako - The best photo editor webtools - Functional archive of a bunch of cool old graphics/instructions/whatever

Let's make a webpage! - Cool angelfire archive of gifs and stuff. Haven't explored it much so unsure about how many of these links still work. :-(

Glitterboo - A really cool app where u can add glitter to photos! Rly cute but has limited free features.

Webmaster-tools - Very big collection of web graphics

Bells n whistles - Little knick knacks, arrows, and bullets for da website

Sheryl's Designs - Sets of graphics. Includes matching buttons, backgrounds, dividers.

Masterdiz - Similar to Bellsnwhistles, has everything from javascript to backgrounds.


My Journal

17/09/2021 - Boring entry number #9

Feeling: On the fence

Wearing: Ugly button-up, slacks

Listening to: Our Lips are Sealed - The Go-Go's

There is a website here that I have noticed has alarmingly similar projects to the ones I have... It's not code theft or anything but it's just pretty much all of the same projects as me on this person's page... This isn't meant to call anybody out, because we're just here to have a good time, but my projects are special to me and I don't know, maybe I'm in the wrong but I can't help but feel icky about it. No more of that. I'm looking forward to going to college!!! Now that classes are in person I can finally get my social life back... as safely as possible! I haven't been posting as much to neocities because honestly I haven't been using technology as much. My fixation with the past has been shifting further and further back. I've been obsessed with the 80s, everything about it: the culture, the books, etc. Soon enough I feel like I'll slip so far back into time that there won't be any more time to slip back into. My music taste has been all over the place too - mostly teetering between shoegaze, trip hop and electronic/house. But, that's how it's always been, hasn't it? Not much to say, because not much has happened - just like this whole year... -H

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